Fon Zofoa Visited by the Chiefs of South West

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You are welcome to the Babungo official website Babungo is located in the  grass-field of the North West Region of Cameroon approximately 50km West of the Regional capital- Bamenda. It is one of the villages that make up the 13 villages of the Ngoketunjia Division of the region.

The mission of the Babungo website is to contribute to the technological advancement in Babungo and to disseminate information to the Babungo people in and out of the village especially those in the diaspora.

While It is vision is to foster the mission with the aim of transforming Babungo into a global village and to see that Babungo people throughout the globe are informed of any information in and out of Babungo.

As you spend your valuable time navigating through the website, it is our wish that you shall get to discover the artistic, rich and enviable cultural heritage of the Babungo people.

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